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Vice-President of the Federative Republic of Brazil


Vice-President of the Federative Republic of Brazil

Michel Miguel Elias Temer Lulia, widely known as Michel Temer, has been the Vice-President of the Federative Republic of Brazil since January 1st 2011, alongside Her Excellency Mrs. Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil.

Besides assisting the President of Brazil, the Vice-President Michel Temer presides over two high-level bilateral diplomatic committees, one with China and other with Russia, which cover a wide range of issues regarding Brazilian-Chinese and Brazilian-Russian relations. Since June 2011, Michel Temer has also been responsible for coordinating and implementing the “Brazilian Strategic Border Plan” (“Plano Estratégico de Fronteiras”), a national strategy designed to ensure enhanced protection and integration along Brazil´s extensive borders with eleven countries.

Before taking over as Vice-President of Brazil, Michel Temer held the position of “President of the Chamber of Deputies” (“Speaker of the House”) throughout three non-consecutive terms, the last of which from February 2009 until the end of 2010. During his first tenure as Speaker of the House, Mr. Temer pushed ahead the setting up of an innovative communication system for the House, including the televised broadcasting of sessions.

Between 1995 and 1997, Mr. Temer was the leader of his own political party, the “Brazilian Democratic Movement Party” (or PMDB, in its Portuguese acronym) and between 2001 and 2010 he was the president of PMDB, one of the largest and most influential political parties in Brazil.

From 1984 to 1986 and from 1993 to 1994, Mr. Temer held the position of State Secretary for Public Security in São Paulo. He was also State Attorney-General in São Paulo from 1983 to 1984 and again in 1992. During his tenure as the Public Security Chief of the most populous state of the Brazilian federation, Mr. Temer was considered visionary for establishing the first police units specializing in combating violence against women. Such noticeable initiative was then followed by similar ones in other Brazilian states. In the 1980s, Mr. Temer was likewise praised for creating police units focused on ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights.

Son of Lebanese immigrants and the youngest among eight children, Mr. Temer was born on September 23, 1940 in the city of Tietê, São Paulo. He went on to receive his Law degree from the University of São Paulo (1963) and a Ph.D. in Law from the Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC, 1974). Mr. Temer authored several books on a wide variety of legal issues, being considered one of the most renowned experts among his peers in Constitutional Law in Brazil.

He is married to Mrs. Marcela Temer and they have a son.

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