Introduction of Highlights - July 2012

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In this July 2012 issue, Highlights brings information on key programs launched between March and June 2012 and the results achieved during the first 18 months of the current administration, emphasizing priority Federal Government actions.

The chapter Brazil in Figures presents the new results of the 2010 Census, which reaffirm the improvement in social indicators in the country, but show that inequality persists in the provision of urban infrastructure. The chapter also describes the economic scenario of the period, which combines the basic interest rate at its lowest historical level, inflation on course to converge toward the target range and employment growth, showing that the Brazilian economy has withstood the impact of the international crisis.

One year after their implementation, priority programs and actions such as Brazil without Extreme Poverty Plan (Brasil sem Miséria), the Pregnancy Care - Stork Network (Rede Cegonha) and the Strategic Border Plan (Plano Estratégico de Fronteiras) have already achieved impressive results, as shown in the chapter Management Highlights. The Caring Brazil (Brasil Carinhoso) action, launched in May to enhance the fight against extreme poverty among families with 0-6 year old children, has also positively impacted the living conditions of this population, either through the payment of the new Family Grant (Bolsa Família) benefit, which started last June, or the free distribution of asthma medicines in pharmacies of the Popular Drugstore network (Aqui Tem Farmácia Popular).

The Management Highlights chapter also features the progress achieved in the provision of quality health care services and in the increasing access to education, as well as the results of the Growth Acceleration Program (Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento – PAC), the My House, My Life (Minha Casa, Minha Vida) program and the current stage of preparations for the FIFA 2014 World Cup. The new measures to stimulate the economy, especially investment, as well as those in support of agribusiness and family agriculture for the 2012/2013 harvest are some of the actions discussed in this chapter. Other topics addressed include the results achieved in the first months after the Law on Access to Information came into effect, the numbers of deforestation in the Amazon, which continues to decrease, an assessment of actions implemented to cope with drought in the semi-arid region of Northeastern Brazil and the outcomes of Rio+20, the largest UN conference ever held.

The intense bilateral and multilateral agenda of the period, strongly marked by the economic crisis experienced by European countries, and Brazil’s engagement in actions aimed to protect the country’s growth from the impacts of the crisis, is discussed in the chapter Brazil and the World.

Finally, the main acts signed in the period are listed in the Normative Agenda.

The Highlights team acknowledges the invaluable support of Federal Government agencies, which provided the information contained herein. Comments and suggestions from readers are critical to improve the publication and can be e-mailed to

Enjoy your reading,
The Highlights Team

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