My House, My Life (Minha Casa, Minha Vida)

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Program ensures home ownership for millions of Brazilians

Commissioning pace is accelerated and rules are improved


By October 31, a total of 2,017,354 housing units had been commissioned in the two phases of the program, of which 970,896 (48.1%) have been delivered.

  • For families with income up to R$ 1,600 (level 1), 257,128 dwellings have already been delivered, of a total of 821,036 commissioned. By October R$ 34.5 billion in subsidies had been granted for home purchase in this income level.
  • 645,949 dwellings have already been delivered to families in income level 2, from a total of 955,707 commissioned. By October, R$ 18.8 billion in subsidies and R$ 73.0 billion in financing had been granted in this income level.
  • For families in income level 3, 67,819 dwellings have already been delivered, from a total of 240,611 commissioned. Funding in this income level totaled R$ 19.4 billion.


Between August and October, several changes were made to the program rules:

  • For families with income up to R$ 1,600 (level 1), the maximum amount for purchasing subsidized property increased from R$ 65,000 to R$ 76,000, varying according to the Unit of the Federation and the specificities of the municipality. The maximum amount of the installment was reduced from 10% to 5% of family income, with a minimum monthly payment of R$ 25.
  • The income limit for level 2 increased from R$ 3,100 to R$ 3,275, and the maximum amount of the subsidy for financed properties increased from R$ 23,000 to R$ 25,000.
  • For families in income level 3 - between R$ 3,275.01 and R$ 5,000 - the interest rate fell from 8.16% to 7.16% a year.
  • For families with income from R$ 3,100.01 to R$ 3,275, the rate fell from 8.16% to 6% a year, and for families with income between R$ 2,325.01 and R$ 2,455, from 6 % to 5% a year.
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