My House, My Life

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Opportunity for Brazilian families to purchase their own home and live with quality

1.8 million housing units commissioned across Brazil under the My House, My Life (Minha Casa, Minha Vida - PMCMV) Program
Opportunity for Brazilian families to purchase their own home and live with quality

• Of the 1.804,133 housing units commissioned by June 30, 2012, in the two phases of the program, 830,000 have already been delivered (46% of the total).

• Of the total number of units commissioned since 2009, 734,581 (40.7%) were to low income families.

• Of the 1,005,128 units commissioned by December 2010, in the first phase of the program, 558,777 had been delivered by the end of June 2012.

• Of the 799,005 units commissioned under My House, My Life, 2.38% are located in the Southeast; 22% in the Northeast; 20% in the South; 13% in the Central West; and 7% in the North.

• More than 60% of the new housing units commissioned are concentrated in the states of São Paulo (19%); Minas Gerais (10%); Bahia (8%); Rio Grande do Sul (7%); Paraná (7%); Rio de Janeiro (6%); and Goiás (6%).

• In the rural area, 9,833 housing units had been delivered by June 30.

A primer has been developed to guide the implementation of infrastructure of electric power grids under the My House, My Life program. Concessionaires must operate under specific rules and deadlines agreed with the National Agency of Electric Power (Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica – ANEEL) for approving projects, monitoring construction works, inspecting facilities as well as for the definitive connection of the projects. The measure standardizes the provision of essential services and speeds up the delivery of houses to beneficiaries. Requirements for eligibility for the Electricity Social Tariff (Tarifa Social de Energia Elétrica) will also be previously assessed, for beneficiaries to enjoy it from the start of supply. For more information read the primer and watch the explanatory video at http://

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