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More investments to enhance and improve Brazil’s infrastructure

PAC 2 moving at an appropriate pace
More investments to enhance and improve Brazil’s infrastructure

In 18 months PAC 2 invested R$ 324.2 billion, 34% of the total planned until 2014. The program hit a new record in the first half of 2012: R$ 119.9 billion were invested, 39% more than in the same period of 2011.

The infrastructure works completed represent an investment of R$ 252.0 billion, of which R$ 211.0 billion had been invested by June 2012, accounting for 29.8% of the works planned to be completed by 2014. The following achievements deserve special mention:

Roads: 909 km finished;

Ports: 12 projects completed;

Airports: 16 projects delivered;

Equipment for side roads: 1,275 backhoes delivered;

Energy system: 3,886 megawatts added;

Electricity transmission: 2,669 km of transmission lines and six substations;

Electricity for All: 286,184 connections provided;

Oil fields: 17 projects completed;

Refining and Petrochemical Industry: 12 projects completed;

Fertilizers and Natural Gas: 6 projects delivered;

Shipbuilding Industry: contract signed to fund the construction of 226 vessels and 7 shipyards;

Sanitation: 365 projects completed;

Drainage: 21 projects delivered;

Urban mobility: 1 project completed;

My House, My Life II (Minha Casa, Minha Vida II): 799,005 housing units commissioned;

Housing Financing: 661,000 contracts signed;

Urbanization of 564 precarious settlements;

Water resources: 17 projects; 35 sewage systems; and 95 locations with water supply systems;

Water in urban areas: 383 projects completed.


• Pre and Post-Salt exploratory wells: 321 wells started: 161 offshore and 160 onshore; 203 completed.

Electricity generation: 108 projects in progress, which will increase the country’s generation capacity by 30,759 MW. Eleven hydroelectric power plants, 31 thermal power plants, 58 wind farms and 8 small hydroelectric power plants are currently under construction.

Electricity transmission: 24 lines are under construction totaling 10,212 km, besides 28 electricity transformer substations.

Refining and Petrochemical Industry, with an emphasis on the following projects:

- Abreu e Lima Refinery (state of Pernambuco) – 55% completed;

- Petrochemical Complex of Rio de Janeiro – 30% completed;

- Premium Refinery I (state of Maranhão) – started.

Roads: 6,299 km with works in progress.

Railways: 3,061 km under construction.

Waterways: 20 terminals under construction.

Social Facilities
Selected projects moving at a rapid pace:

• 99.6% of the 7,563 Basic Health Units (UBS) commissioned and 91.5% of the 270 Emergency Care Units (Unidades de Pronto Atendimento – UPA) selected;

• 97% of the 3,019 selected day care centers and preschools commissioned;

• 98.1% of the 2,862 selected sports courts commissioned;

• 100% of the 359 Sports and Culture Squares commissioned, in 325 municipalities of the 27 states. The construction of 35 of these Sports and Culture Squares has already been authorized.

• Concession contracts signed for the airports of Guarulhos (state of São Paulo), Campinas (state of São Paulo), Brasília (Federal District) and São Gonçalo do Amarante (state of Rio Grande do Norte).

• Seven Operational Modules completed, increasing the passenger traffic capacity in Brazilian airports by more than 8 million people.

• Dredging works completed in the ports of Fortaleza (state of Ceará), Natal (state of Rio Grande do Norte) and Santos (state of São Paulo), which will enable servicing ships with larger cargo carrying capacities.

• Petrobras platform P-59 has been officially open and will drill wells across the coast.

• 4 turbines of the Santo Antônio hydroelectric power plant have gone into operation in record time, generating more energy for the country’s development.

• Over 2,000 km of power transmission lines have come into operation. One of these lines interconnects Cuiabá (state of Mato Grosso), to Rio Verde (state of Goiás). This 600 km long line, which is the central part of a 2,300 km long line, will bring energy from plants on the Madeira River to the electrical system of the Southeast.

• R$ 35.5 billion invested in sewerage, solid waste, sanitation and integrated institutional development projects.

• 96% of sanitation works and projects have been commissioned, benefiting some 3,000 municipalities in all states.

Precarious Settlements
• 99% of urbanization works and projects in precarious settlements have been commissioned from R$ 28 billion selected.

Other Infrastructure Works
• Slope retention: R$ 595 million committed for 117 projects in 10 states.

• Water in Urban Areas: R$ 12.2 billion committed, accounting for nearly all the R$ 12.9 billion selected.

Mobility PAC for Large Cities
The selection of projects to be supported by the Mobility PAC for Large Cities, which aims to increase the supply of quality public transportation in Brazilian cities with population over 700,000, was completed in April. 22 municipalities will profit from projects which, due to their big impact, will improve mobility conditions for 53 million Brazilians in 51 municipalities.

Investments will total R$ 32.7 billion, of which R$ 10.3 billion will be provided by the General Federal Budget, R$ 12.1 billion by funding from federal banks and R$ 10.3 billion by states or municipalities. The works in Mobility PAC for Large Cities include:

• 800 km of new or upgraded urban roads, with 600 km of bus lanes and 200 km of tracks.

• 7 new subway lines in 6 cities.

• 1,060 new trains and LRV.

• 381 new or upgraded passenger terminals and stations.

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