Access to information and transparency

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Government actions support and strengthen the full exercise of citizenship

Law on Access to Information and Open Government
Government actions support and strengthen the full exercise of citizenship

Since May 16, any citizen can have access to documents and information produced by or under the custody of government agencies.

Information can be requested directly at the Citizen Information Service (Sistema de Informação ao Cidadão - CIS) of the public agency or at www. acessoainformaçã

The deadline for replying is 20 days, extendable for another 10 days. All requests made to the Federal Executive Branch agencies use a single system, managed by the Office of the Comptroller General (Controladoria-Geral da União - CGU).

In the first 60 days of the Law, 17,500 requests were submitted, 94.4% of them by individuals and 5.6% by corporations.

Of this total, 14,700 (84%) had been answered:

• 12,100 (82.6%) requests were accepted;

• 1,400 (9.5%) were denied because they involved personal or confidential data; and

•1,200 (7.9%) were denied because the topic they addressed fell outside the legal jurisdiction of the requested agency or because there was no information about it.

The annual conference of the Open Government Partnership was held in Brasília in April. The event, co-chaired by Brazil and the United States, was attended by delegations from 55 countries and representatives of civil society, businesses and governments.

The goal of OGP is to encourage governments of all countries to adopt transparency and social participation practices, including the use of new information technologies.

The 1st National Conference on Transparency and Social Control, held in May, is part of Brazil’s commitment to the Plan of Action for Open Government. The event was attended by 1,200 delegates elected in the preparatory stages - municipal, regional and state conferences; 302 free conferences; and one online conference - bringing together more than 150,000 government and civil society representatives.

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