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Provisional Presidential Decree

557 of 12.26.2011 Amended on 01.27.2012 (Stork Network)
• Establishes the National System of Registration, Surveillance and Monitoring of Pregnant and Postpartum Women for the Prevention of Maternal Mortality, in order to ensure improved access to and coverage and quality of maternal health care, with registration, evaluation and monitoring of pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium, especially in high-risk pregnancies.

• Authorizes the Federal Government to provide financial benefit to assist the transportation of pregnant women for the purpose of access to health services related to prenatal and childbirth care provided by SUS.


140 of 12.08.2011 (Complementary Law)
• Establishes rules for cooperation between the Federal Government, States, the Federal District and Municipalities in administrative actions arising from the exercise of common responsibility related to environmental protection.

141 of 01.13.2012 (Complementary Law)
• Regulates § 3, Art. 198 of the Federal Constitution to provide for the minimum amounts to be invested annually by the Federal Government, States, the Federal District and Municipalities in public health activities and services; establishes criteria for the distribution of transfer funds to health services, and rules to inspect, assess and control health-related expenditures in the three spheres of government; revokes the provisions of Laws 8080 of September 19, 1990 and 8689 of July 27, 1993.

12522 of 11.11.2011
• Amends the Budget Guidelines Law 2011 (LOA) to waive the requirement for entities engaged in Indigenous health care, assistance to drug addicts, fight against extreme poverty and assistance to persons with disabilities to present the charitable entity certification in order to receive the transfer of funds in the form of social grants.

12527 of 11.18.2011
• Regulates access to information under item XXXIII of Art. 5; item II, § 3 of Art.37; and § 2 of Art. 216 of the Federal Constitution, establishing procedures, restrictions and responsibilities with the aim of ensuring the fundamental right of access to information.

12528 of 11.18.2011
• Creates the National Truth Commission for the purpose of reviewing and clarifying serious human rights violations committed during the military regime, in order to ensure the right to memory and historical truth and promote national reconciliation.

12550 of 12.15.2011
• Authorizes the Executive Branch to create a public company called Brazilian Company of Hospital Services (EBSERH), whose purpose is the provision of free medical and hospital care, outpatient and diagnostic and therapeutic support services to the community.

12551 of 12.15.2011
• Promotes change in the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) to define the non-discrimination between work done at the employer’s premises, work done at the employee’s home and distance work.

• Equates electronic means and personal and direct means of work command, control and supervision.

12562 of 12.23.2011

• Establishes provisions for the prosecution and trial of intervening representation before the Supreme Court, and regulates item III, Art. 36 of the Federal Constitution.

12592 of 01.18.2012
• Provides for the exercise of the professional activities of Hairdresser, Barber, Esthetician, Manicure, Pedicure, Epilator and Make-up Artist, requiring that these professionals meet the health standards, including the sterilization of materials and instruments used in serving their customers.

12594 of 01.18.2012
• Establishes the National System of Socio-Educational Services (SINASE) and regulates the implementation of socio-educational measures for adolescent offenders.

• Amends the Statute of the Child and Adolescent so as to set limits and procedures for the deduction from income tax of the amounts donated to national, district, state or municipal Funds for the Rights of Children and Adolescents.


7602 of 11.07.2011
• Provides for the National Policy of Health and Safety at Work (PNSST), which aims at promoting health and improving the quality of life of workers and the prevention of accidents and damages to health arising out of, or related to work or occurring in the course of work, by eliminating or reducing risks at the workplace.

7611 of 11.17.2011
• Provides for special education and specialized educational services aimed at securing the provision of specialized supporting services to remove barriers that may obstruct the educational process of students with disabilities, pervasive developmental disorders and high skills or giftedness.

• Admits the dual enrollment of regular education students from public schools who receive specialized educational assistance.

7612 of 11.17.2011
• Establishes the National Plan of Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Living without Limits Plan) for the purpose of promoting, through the integration and coordination of policies, programs and actions, the full and equal enjoyment of the rights of persons with disabilities.

7616 of 11.17.2011
• Provides for the declaration of Public Health Emergency of National Importance (ESPIN), in situations that require the use of urgent measures of prevention, control and containment of risk, damage and threats to public health.

• Establishes the National Force of the Unified Health System (SUS-FN) as a cooperation program aimed at the implementation of measures of prevention, assistance and repression of epidemiological situations, disaster or assistance to the population.

7626 of 11.24.2011
• Establishes the Strategic Plan of Education within the Prison System, with the aim of enhancing and qualifying the supply of education in prisons.

7634 of 12.05.2011
• Defines the actions of the Territories of Citizenship Program to be implemented through compulsory transfer to organs and entities of municipalities with population under 50,000.

7636 of 12.07.2011
• Provides for the financial support of the Union for federative entities, for the purpose of improving social assistance services, programs, projects and benefits, based on the Decentralized Management Index of the Unified Social Assistance System (IGDSUAS).

7637 of 12.08.2011

• Amends the Decree establishing the Integrated Plan to Fight Crack and Other Drugs, so as to strengthen the policy, its governance and priority actions.

7642 of 12.13.2011
• Establishes the Science without Borders Program, with the objective of ensuring the development and training of highly qualified people in foreign universities, vocational and technological education institutions and research centers of excellence, and attracting to Brazil young talents and foreign researchers of high qualifications in areas of knowledge defined as priorities.

7646 of 12.21.2011
• Provides for the National Commission for the Incorporation of Technology into the Unified Health System and for the administrative process for the incorporation, exclusion and modification of health technologies by the Unified Health System (SUS), among other measures.

7649 of 12.21.2011
• Promotes changes in the National Youth Inclusion Program (PROJOVEM) by transferring to the Ministry of Education the responsibility for the Urban PROJOVEM.

• Reduces from two to one year the full cycle of activities under the Adolescent Socio-Educational Service PROJOVEM.

• Defines monitoring and follow-up tasks for the Urban PROJOPVEM for the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic.

7664, of 01.12.2011
• Establishes new parameters for withdraws from accounts linked to the Employer’s Dismissal Fund (FGTS) in cases of natural disasters.

7647 of 12.21.2011
• Provides for the mandatory display of audiovisual works of the Brazilian movie industry by companies that own, rent or lease commercial public exhibition facilities.

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