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Provisional Presidential Decree

551 of 11.22.2011
• Changes the percentage of the existing surplus on airport fees for investment in improvements, re-equipment, reform, expansion and depreciation of airport facilities.

• Changes the distribution of the surplus between the portion of direct use by the Federal Government and the portion to be invested in the states, by agreement, through the Federal Program of Support to Airports, to be created.

• Allocates to FNAC the portion related to international boarding fees.

• Defines and consolidates, in the law itself, the resources of FNAC.

• Creates the flight connection fee.

• Breaks down into three fees, the two fees for the use of facilities and services intended to support and secure air navigation.

• Amends the INFRAERO Law to authorize the company to establish subsidiaries and participate in other companies.

• Determines that ANAC and the Ministry of Defense shall redefine tariff fees, arising from the changes set forth in this Provisional Decree.


12529 of 11.30.2011
• Provides for the prevention and repression of offenses against the economy.

• Reformulates the Brazilian Competition Policy System (BCPS) and the Administrative Council of Economic Defense (CADE).

• Creates the General Superintendence of CADE and extinguishes the Secretariat of Economic Law (SDE) within the Ministry of Justice.

12587 of 01.03.2012
• Establishes the principles, guidelines and objectives of the National Urban Mobility Policy.

• Contributes to universal access to the city, the promotion and fulfillment of the conditions that contribute to the implementation of the principles, objectives and guidelines of the urban development policy through the planning and democratic management of the National Urban Mobility System.

• Provides definitions for urban transportation.


7603 of 11.09.2011
• Regulates the conditions for approval of investment projects considered as priorities in the area of infrastructure or research-, development- and innovation-intensive economic production.

7615 of 11.17.2011
• Amends the Decree providing for the procedures to be followed by federal agencies of the Federal Direct Administration regarding the Federal Government actions within the Olympic Public Authority (OPA).

7624 of 11.02.2011
• Establishes the conditions for exploitation, by the private sector, of airport infrastructure through concession.

7625 of 11.24.2011 and 7662 of 12.28.2011
• Defines actions of the Growth Acceleration Program to be implemented through compulsory transfer.

7656 of 12.23.2011
• Amends the regulation of the Light for All Program to allow projects that have been commissioned or were in the process of being commissioned by October 30, 2010, to be included in the “LIGHT FOR ALL” Program in the period 2011-2014.

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