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Provisional Presidential Decree

549 of 11.17.2011
• Reduces to zero the rates of contribution to the PIS (Social Integration Program) / COFINS (Social Security Financing) levied upon products intended for people with visual impairments, such as electronic magnifiers, cochlear implants, artificial eyes, mouse, scanners and keyboards.

550 of 11.17.2011
• Authorizes the federal government to provide economic subsidies to official federal financial institutions in the form of equalization of interest rates and other financial charges on financing operations for the acquisition, by individuals, of assistive technology goods and services for people with disabilities, up to a maximum of R$25 million a year.

• Authorizes the use of funds from sight deposits received by financial institutions for credit transactions intended to low-income people and microentrepreneurs, provided that the amounts of the transactions are used exclusively to purchase assistive technology goods and services for persons with disabilities.

552 of 12.01.2011
• Increases to R$85,000 (eighty five thousand reais) the price of property considered as project of incorporation of property of social interest under the My House, My Life program, in the special taxation regime applicable to property development.

554 of 12.23.2011
• Authorizes the Federal Government to provide economic subsidy under the National Microcredit Program (Programa Nacional of Microcrédito Produtivo Orientado - PNMPO) to encourage employment and income generation among popular microentrepreneurs, in the form of equalization of part of the costs to which financial institutions are subjected in order to contract and follow up transactions of oriented productive micro-credit up to the annual limit of R$500 million.

• Authorizes the Federal Government to provide economic subsidy to official federal financial institutions in the form of equalization of interest rates in financing transactions for fuel ethanol storage, with the aim to reduce price volatility and contribute to the stability of supply.

556 of 12.23.2011
• Improves the social contribution system for active civil servants.

• Includes as beneficiaries of the Incentive Tax System for the Modernization and Expansion of the Port Structure (REPORTO), dredging companies of bonded warehouses of the secondary zone and the professional training centers.

• Sets at December 31, 2015 the deadline for acquisitions and imports supported by REPORTO.

• Following the same rule adopted by Provisional Presidential Decree No. 552, extends the commercial value of housing units under the My House, My Life Program, so that the company responsible for building the housing units can be authorized, on an optional basis, to make tax payments in a unified manner.

• Provides for the collection of the amount attributed to the selling producer under the Special Regime of Reinstatement of Tax Amounts for Exporting Companies (REINTEGRA).

• Increases the specific Cide rate in the import and domestic marketing of fuel ethanol.

558 of 01.05.2012
• Changes the limits of National Parks in the Amazon, Campos Amazônicos and Mapinguari, National Forests of Itaituba I and Itaituba II and Crepori and the Environmental Protection Area of Tapajós.

• Establishes that areas not flooded by the Power Plants of Tabajara, São Luiz do Tapajós and Jatobá should be reintegrated to the conservation units by act of the Executive Branch.

Constitutional Amendment

Constitutional Amendment 68 of 12.21.2011
• Sets the period (up to December 31, 2015) of enforcement for the decoupling of 20% (twenty percent) of the taxes and social contributions collected by the Federal Government and of intervention in the economic domain, through the amendment to art. 76 of the Temporary Constitutional Provision Act on the decoupling of budget revenues.


139 of 11.10.2011 (Complementary Law)
• Improves the National Statute of Micro and Small Enterprise, especially with regard to Individual Microentrepreneurs (Microempreendedor Individual - MEI).

• Simplifies the procedures for starting, registering, changing and closing business for MEIs.

• Changes the revenue limits for classification as micro and small enterprise.

12543 of 12.08.2011 (Greater Brazil)
• Authorizes the National Monetary Council, for purposes of monetary and exchange policy, to establish specific conditions for negotiating derivative contracts.

• Establishes as responsible for the collecting of IOF the institutions authorized to operate in the purchase and sale of bonds and securities, when operating in bonds and securities; and, when operating derivative contracts, the entities authorized to register such contracts.

• Amends the rules related to IOF, such as the maximum rate in derivative contracts.

12545 of 12.14.2011
• Provides for the Export Financing Fund (Fundo of Financiamento à Exportação - FFEX), including authorization for the Federal Government to participate, within the overall limit of up to R$ 1 billion, in the Export Financing Fund (FFEX) for the formation of its assets.

• Increases the list of sectors to which the Federal Government is authorized to grant economic subsidies, in the interest rates equalization and granting of default bonuses modalities, on interests in financing operations, including assistive technologies for people with disabilities.

12546 of 12.14.2011
• Establishes the Special Regime of Reinstatement of Tax Amounts for Exporting Companies (REINTEGRA).

• Provides for the reduction of the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) for the automotive industry.

• Amends the model of incidence of social security contributions owed by specific sectors.

• Amends the taxation model for cigarettes.

• Prohibits the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes or any other smoking product whether or not derived from tobacco, in closed collective, public or private premises and restricts the advertising of such products.

12593 of 01.18.2012
• Establishes the Federal Government’s Multi-Year Plan for the period 2012-2015.

12595 of 01.19.2012
• Estimates the revenue and sets the Federal Government’s expenditure for financial year 2012 (LOA 2012).


7600 of 11.07.2011
• Reduces to zero the rate of tax levied on imports of inputs purchased by companies benefiting from the Program of Support for the Technological Development of the Semiconductor Industry (PADIS), including machinery, devices, tools, equipment and software that are incorporated into fixed assets.

• Sets at January 22, 2015 the deadline for companies to submit research and development projects.

• Sets the rules related to the percentage of investment in research and development and the deadlines for submitting reports.

7601 of 11.07.2011
• Provides for the application of margin of preference in bidding procedures held within the federal public administration for the purchase of apparel, footwear and other artifacts, with a view to promoting sustainable national development.

7604 of 11.10.2011
• Amends regulatory provisions relating to the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) in the automotive industry resulting from Law 12546/2011.

7617 of 11.17.2011
• Amends the Regulations of the Old Age and Disability Grant (Benefício de Prestação Continuada - BPC).

7619 of 11.21.2011
• Regulates the concession of IPI tax rebates in the acquisition of solid waste from Waste Collector Cooperatives.

7623 of 11.22.2011
• Regulates the use of traceability in the production chain of beef and buffalo meat and regulates Law 12097 of November 24, 2009.

7631 of 12.01.2011
• Reduces the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) on some household appliances such as refrigerators and stoves.

• Reduces to zero the IPI rate on synthetic paper for printing books and newspapers.

7632 of 12.01.2011
• Reduces the rates of the Tax on Financial Operations for credit transactions by individuals.

• Establishes the zero rate for various exchange operations contracted by foreign investors, so as to foster the flow of resources into the country.

7633 of 12.01.2011
• Regulates the Special Regime of Reinstatement of Tax Amounts for Exporting Companies (REINTEGRA).

7641 of 12.01.2011
• Amends rules relating to transfers of federal funds through agreements and transfer contracts.

• Sets at 16 of January of 2012 the deadline for all government agencies to interconnect to the Transfer Agreements and Contracts Management System (SICONV).

• Establishes deadlines for implementation of functionalities in SICONV.

7644 of 12.16.2011
• Regulates the Program for Fostering Rural Productive Activities, authorizing the Ministries of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger and of Agrarian Development to jointly implement the program through direct transfer of non-reimbursable funds and the provision of technical assistance services.

7655 of 12.23.2011
• Regulates Law 12382 of February 25, 2011, providing for the minimum wage of R$622 (six hundred twenty six reals), effective as of January 1st, 2012.

7657 of 12.23.2011
• Amends Decree 7403 of December 23, 2010, establishing the rule of transition for the allocation of royalties and of special participation owed to the direct federal administration in relation to the production of oil, natural gas and other hydrocarbon fluids in pre-salt areas contracted under the concession regime, as provided for in § 2, Art. 49 of Law 12351 of December 22, 2010.

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