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Introduction of Highlights - March 2012

por Portal do Planalto publicado 05/11/2012 15h45, última modificação 25/02/2013 15h52

In its first 2012 issue, Highlights provides information on key programs launched between November 2011 and February 2012 and on results achieved in the first 14-month period of the current federal administration, with emphasis on priority actions by the Federal Government.

Improvements in the labor market, particularly a rise in formal employment rates, which was a major change in Brazil in recent years, continued to be observed in 2011 and are addressed in the section Brazil in Figures. That section also presents the results of Brazil’s macroeconomic management, which ensured the achievement of inflation and primary surplus targets in 2011 without sacrificing employment and income growth. These measures have also consolidated a robust economic environment contributing to better face imbalances brought about by the international scenario, as summarized in the section Economic Scenario.

Apart from presenting new Federal Government programs, such as Living without Limits and Crack, We Can Beat it! (Viver sem Limite and Crack, é Possível Vencer!), the section Management Highlights describes the main results of government actions to strengthen a social inclusion-based economic growth model. In just eight months, the Brazil without Extreme Poverty (Brasil sem Miséria) plan made it possible for pacts to be established throughout the country around the commitment to eradicate extreme poverty, ensuring positive results for its beneficiaries. The pace of implementation of the Growth Acceleration Program 2 (Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento – PAC 2), which has exceeded both in speed and figures what was achieved through the Growth Acceleration Program 1 over the same period, as well as actions in support of production, show that stimulating higher investments in Brazil is at the heart of government priorities. The holding of eight national conferences and various negotiation meetings reaffirm the importance of social participation in government management.

The section also presents the main results of actions to ensure quality health care and education services to all Brazilians, key challenges of the current administration. Investments in Brazil in preparation for the 2014 World Cup, efforts to improve management and airport services, and the main actions being taken to foster closer relations between the federated entities are other key topics addressed in this issue.

Multilateral events in which Brazil took part and its bilateral agenda in recent months are covered in the Brazil and the World section. The final section, Normative Agenda, lists the main acts signed in the period. The editors of Highlights acknowledge once again the invaluable support of federal government agencies in providing the information contained herein. Readers are welcome to email comments and suggestions to destaques.secom@planalto.gov.br.

The Highlights Team

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