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After surpassing the 2011 targets, 2012 begins at an accelerated pace of commissions and program improvements to ensure rights

New houses all over Brazil
After surpassing the 2011 targets, 2012 begins at an accelerated pace of commissions and program improvements to ensure rights

The goal of building 400,000 houses in 2011, the first year of the second phase of the program, was exceeded. Of the 457,005 housing units commissioned, 151,000 (33%) were delivered in 2011. Housing units intended for low-income families totalled 104,000 or 23% of the total number of units commissioned in 2011.

The second phase of the program is already assisting 3,465 municipalities in all states.

In 2012, another 496,000 housing units are expected to be commissioned, of which 57% will go to low-income families. By the end of February, more than 100,000 units had been commissioned and 30,000 delivered.

By December 2010, during the first phase of the program, 1,005,128 housing units had been commissioned. Of this total, 418,198 (41.6%) had been delivered by the end of February 2012. Low-income families accounted for 32% of beneficiaries, and received 133,833 units of the total delivered. In this group, 4,999 units were delivered to families in rural areas.

Since December 2011, in every project of the My House, My Life Program 2, 3% of houses are earmarked for persons with disabilities (or families with persons with disabilities) and the same percentage applies to the elderly.

Moreover, based on the national family selection criteria, apart from units already earmarked for elderly and persons with disabilities, priority is also ensured to the following groups:

• Families living in risky or unhealthy areas or who have lost their homes;

• Families with women head of the household; and

• Families with members with disabilities.

In January 2012, the Federal Government and the State of São Paulo entered a partnership to build up to 100,000 housing units. This is another initiative in the partnership policy of the My House, My Life Program with municipalities and states for the allocation of land, resources and services to the program.

Investments will total R$8.1 billion, of which R$6.15 billion will come from the federal government and R$1.94 billion from the Government of São Paulo. All housing units will be targeted to low-income families, and 96% are urban housing. The state government’s contribution will enable raising the maximum price set for housing targeted to low-income families from R$65,000 to R$85,000, which is more in line with the price structure in metropolitan areas of the state. The houses will be distributed in 106 municipalities, with a priority to the metropolitan areas of São Paulo, Santos, Campinas, Paraíba Valley and the North Coast.

The My House, My Life Program changed its rules regarding the ownership title of the houses built by the program. Before, the contract and the ownership were “preferably” registered in the woman’s name. Now, beyond simple preference, women will have the title deed registered in their name regardless of the property regime applicable, so that they can keep the property in case of separation, divorce or dissolution of stable unions.

The new rule will apply to houses where there are no FGTS (Work Dismissal Fund) resources involved, benefiting, mostly, low-income families. If the man is granted sole custody of the couple’s children, then the property will be registered in his name.

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