Bilateral agenda

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Visit to Venezuela
The first presidential visit to Venezuela was held on December 6. On the occasion, 11 agreements were signed in the areas of popular housing, science and technology, finance, civil aviation, energy and oil and agriculture.

Visit to Argentina
A presidential visit to Argentina was held on December 10, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Argentinean president.

The first bilateral meeting with the President of Honduras after normalization of bilateral relations also occurred during said visit.

Visit of the Prime Minister of France
On December 16, the Prime Minister of France paid an official visit to Brazil, when the strategic partnership between the two countries was reaffirmed, with special emphasis on the strengthening of existing ties in high technology areas and in the field of higher education and research under the Science without Borders Program.

Visit of the President of the Republic of Guinea
The President of the Republic of Guinea paid an official visit to Brazil from November 17-22. The two heads of state declared their intention to strengthen bilateral relations, especially in the areas of mining, energy and agriculture.

The visit was important for the discussions of investments by Brazilian companies in the region of Simandou, Guinea. During the visit, the two nations signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement and agreed to start negotiations for the establishment of a credit line by BNDES.

Visits to Cuba and Haiti
Between January 30 and February 1st, official visits were paid to Cuba and Haiti.

In Cuba, the willingness to contribute to the success of the process to modernize the Cuban economic model was ratified. The two governments also agreed to strengthen cooperation in the food and technical-scientific areas, especially in the field of health. The visit was also aimed to increase the presence of Brazilian companies in Cuba.

In Haiti, the commitment to the sovereignty, stability and economic and social development of the country was reaffirmed. In addition to its role in the UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH), the Brazilian agenda in that country is focused on technical cooperation, support for infrastructure projects and on the effort to attract productive investments capable of boosting the Haitian economy.

Brazil and Cuba are working to structure a public health system in Haiti and currently maintain programs in the areas of food security, family agriculture, housing, training of personnel, citizen security and civil defense. In the area of energy infrastructure, Brazil is working to enable the hydroelectric power plant of Artibonite 4C, with a capacity of 32 MW, in order to meet the demand of one million Haitians (approximately 10% of the country’s overall population).

Visit of the Prime Minister of Finland
On February 14, the Prime Minister of Finland paid an official visit to Brazil. The Heads of Government discussed possible areas for cooperation for the coming years, with an emphasis on defense, environment and tourism.

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